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A lot has changed for the SELECTED e-commerce and marketing team since they started using the MOMENTVM CMS in the beginning of 2020. 

SELECTED, part of the BESTSELLER fashion group, is now able to fully showcase their brand identity through their e-commerce appearance, react easier to consumer demands in no time and optimize their workflows with the MOMENTVM Content Management System.

Momentvm for Selected


Before the SELECTED e-commerce and marketing team was using the MOMENTVM CMS, their main challenges have been the missing flexibility in their workflows and very time consuming processes. 

The team went through a lot of internal back and forth processes, to make changes within Salesforce Business Manager. It took too much time to create new graphics for all different markets, because text was put on the image using common design tools, changing the copy and deploying content again in the system.

Since this process took so much time, manpower and energy, the SELECTED team tried to avoid quick changes to their content. That of course made them less flexible to react quickly to consumer demands, which caused a negative impact on the overall e-commerce business.

The fashion brand was ready for a CMS, that fit their needs

Momentvm for Selected
Selected Femme Homme


By using the MOMENTVM CMS, the whole workflow of the SELECTED team has primarily been shortened, as the team has been able to cut off many time consuming steps from production of graphics to the deployment of the brief.

SELECTED has now more freedom in their layouts, as they can easily change styling, instead of using fixed, complicated templates, which need a code deployment to update. The team is finally able to adjust new content quickly and work with it directly in the CMS, to ultimately react quickly to necessary demands. They can also reuse historical copy, which makes it even faster to set up banners and other content. They are able to easily preview the created pages, which makes the team work more efficient and makes going live so much quicker.

The deployment itself saves the e-commerce team a lot of time. With the MOMENTVM CMS they just need to push one button, whereas earlier they needed to import the whole brief in the system.

The CMS gives the SELECTED team a lot of flexibility, while it is very user friendly and intuitive for everyone to work with. The visual look is now more appealing and modern and shows more of the SELECTED brand identity.


Momentvm for Selected

Insights from SELECTED

Naya Nørgaard Klemmensen
Operational Responsible E-Commerce at SELECTED

„After we have implemented the MOMENTVM CMS, we have narrowed down the steps from the start of creating the content to deploying. We are able to work directly in the CMS and see the changes right away, which gives us the time and freedom to always create the right SELECTED look and feel.

Momentvm for Selected

Moreover we have the flexibility of creating pages with the features we need and still keep a high image quality. The best part about the MOMENTVM CMS is without a doubt the flexibility it gives us. The system is very user friendly and intuitive.“

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