Momentvm for Stokke

The best tailored Content Management for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Stokke AS

Stokke is successfully using the MOMENTVM CMS since 2017. 

The Content Management System not only improved their content processes considerably, but also saves the whole Stokke e-commerce team a lot of time and money.

With its flexibility and user friendly interface, the CMS became one of the most important tools for Stokke, which everyone enjoys to work with, because it’s simple to use and at the same time has a huge impact on their business.

MOMENTVM for Stokke


Stokke’s old CMS didn’t have a preview editor, therefore the whole team felt a bit like working blindly and going back and forth from CMS to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and vice versa. It took the team too much time and their workflows weren’t optimized.

Stokke was ready for a new CMS, that fit their needs

MOMENTVM for Stokke
MOMENTVM for Stokke


The big advantage in using the MOMENTVM content management system compared to other CMS providers: It is the only CMS tailored for Commerce Cloud on the market and with the live editor and other features it is as easy as using the simple CMS WordPress!

With the automatic translation workflow between the CMS and the translation agency, it is extremely easy to optimize workflows and save time. Stokke’s e-commerce department is briefing their template designers, who develop modules for the CMS. 

Their content managers create the pages and send them to the translation agency. Once the page has been approved, they can easily publish it on their website according to a schedule to meet their campaign deadlines — as easy as that!

What Stokke says about MOMENTVM

MOMENTVM for Stokke

Underpinned with a Stokke customer testimonial

Yann Milin
Global Project Manager/ Product Owner E-commerce Stokke AS

“When looking for a CMS in 2017 to be used  in connection with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we could not imagine at that time that the MOMENTVM CMS would have such a positive impact on the success of the Stokke Website.

MOMENTVM for Stokke

Its state of the art technology using the OCAPI API from Salesforce Commerce Cloud is completely part of our content management process. The automatic translation workflow helped us to save lots of time and money in the last year.”

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